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    Daedalus is the top choice for designing, monitoring, and support of your cloud infrastructure.

    Daedalus provides superior value over all competitors.

    • 100% Onshore Engineers to Manage Your Cloud Infrastructure
    • Trusted Advisor (we are not reselling cloud)
    • Fixed Monthly Pricing

    When it comes to private or public clouds, Daedalus is the partner for success. Daedalus engineers are industry leaders in designing, implementing, and migrating systems.

    Daedalus helps clients:

    • Design or modify infrastructure to take proper advantage of the strengths of cloud computing.
    • Migrations to/from/between cloud platforms
    • Mitigate risks inherent in cloud technologies.
    • Monitor and maintain systems 24/7/365.

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Trust Daedalus – Outsourcing Without Offshoringâ„¢